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Sanoin app

Start measuring, understanding and developing your impact

Know where you are now

and find out your key development possibilities

If you know where you are, then you know what you can try next

  • Real-time data

    You can see the data as its generated. This helps you to adapt your speaking and listening during the conversation.

  • Personal trends

    Sanoin learns more about you as you go. You will see daily and weekly reports. This will give you valuable insights and learning possibilities.

  • Private

    Your data is yours. We have used the zero data approach when developing our service. It means that no detailed data leaves your device.

  • Each conversation counts

    Sanoin follows you from conversation to conversation. The more conversations, the more data you have.

  • Focus with silence

    Deep focus usually requires silence. Sanoin let's you know how much of time you actually work in silence.

  • Nothing extra is required

    Just work as you would normally work and let Sanoin pick up your interaction. 

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Frequently asked questions

Questions are a good way to initiate the dialogue.

What, are you going to listen to my conversations?

No. Definitely no. First of all we have taken a zero data approach when developing the solution. This means that detailed data will stay in your device. Only aggredated reports are used by the solution. Secondly, Sanoin does not record speaking. It only periodically follows whether you or somebody else is talking or not.

Who will see my data?

Only you. Just like you can't see anybody else's data. Sanoin will only tell you how much you have been talking and how much others have been talking. Sanoin is not able to tell who the other talkative persons are nor can it say if there one one other person or several persons having a chat with you.