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From having an impact to making one


Value can only be created together.

Interaction is the biggest success factor for teams and organizations.

Interaction drives value

Make every touch point count, right? We all know that customer interaction is under continuous development and has a ton of potential. However, the same applies to all interaction.


Hybrid work and interaction

Hybrid is here to stay. So how to make sure that it's a value source for you, your team and your customers?


ESG and interaction 

There is a strong correlation between wellbeing and open interaction. When interaction is open, everyone is included. Interaction is at the essence of corporate governance. Having face-to-face meetings only when you most need it as a major impact on commuting.

Value is created in collaboration and realized in interaction



The only way to create sustainable value, is to improve people's wellbeing.

METRIC 1: How do people interact everyday? How does it affect their wellbeing?



Superb collaboration leads to outstanding performance.

METRIC 2: What does good collaboration look like to us?




Energetic people who excel at collaboration create extraordinary innovations.

METRIC 3: What kind of collaboration culture do we need to stay ahead of the competition?

Example use cases

How to maximize the value of collaboration?

How much face-to-face is good?

Work is collaboration through various channels.

How much face to face do we need in order to...

  • be efficient?
  • have an impact?
  • increase wellbeing?

Does everybody speak in meetings?

Face-to-face collaboration is most effective.

So when we meet it's important to know if...

  • everybody participates?
  • or someone dominates?

Are we cross-functionally fit?

Many problems  come down to cross-functional collaboration.

E.g. How are meetings between Sales and R&D?

  • Too much or too little meetings?
  • Is one side doing all the talking?

When there is change, is there impact? 

Successful organisations develop continuously.

Changes look good on paper, but do we know if people really behave differently?

  • How do people interact now in our hybrid work model?
  • Did our new CEO have an affect on culture?

What do we offer?

Measuring services

Objective data on everyday behaviour

  • Interactional culture profile snapshot (survey)
  • Real time data on spoken interaction (mobile app)
  • Meeting room conversation data (measuring badge)
  • Qualitative data on interactional culture (interviews & observation)

Insight services

Actionable insights for leaders

  • Interactional culture profiling
  • Analysis of interactional measurement and company KPI's
  • Trends and comparisons
  • Predictive analytics
  • Recommendations

Development services

Execution and development power to your organisation

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Service design
  • Change programs
  • Workplace development